Wind Turbine Repair & Test Services


Keeping you going after an emergency

At Lighthouse Global Energy, our wind turbine repair services facilitate the quick repair and replacement of critical parts to reduce turbine downtime. We replace defective components and
help you address issues that would have contributed to the problem.


Is a repair an option?

Maintain the operational efficiency of your turbines and increase profitability with expert repair services. After years of use, every machine will need maintenance. We can help you extend your
equipment service life without increasing operational costs.

Why Choose Lighthouse Global Energy for Repair & Overhaul Services

● All components are repaired by qualified technicians
● Our supply chain partnerships ensure quick availability of OEM spare parts
● Our partnerships provide engineering support, root cause analysis and the support needed
to provide fast and effective support
● Traceability. We track every repair by serial number and offer a warranty

Let us help you keep your wind farm in its best condition with quality repair services. Request a quote today.

A strong team of in-house engineering specialists

Our team of engineers and technicians are specialists at delivering world-class testing for our clients. By having our in-house specialists, we can assess parts and undertake engineering solutions to get your turbines functional and operating at high efficiency. We ensure that all OEM parts meet your specifications. Where custom parts are needed or you may need a legacy part, we can reverse engineer or develop new products to meet your needs.

Why collaborate with Lighthouse Global Energy for
engineering and testing services?

We focus on delivering solutions with a single purpose: increased plant efficiency and
operationalization so you have less plant downtime.

● Access our in-house team of wind energy specialists
● Proven development, engineering, and testing processes that yield results
● A smaller team that delivers more flexibility to arrive at the solutions you need to optimize
your plant
● More customized solutions with a faster turnaround time and reduced plant downtime.

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