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When Downtime Isn't An Option

We are your wind turbine spare parts distributor of choice! Lighthouse Global Energy specializes in new OEM parts, component repairs, and manufacturing solutions to meet the growing needs of the wind industry across North America. Our mission is to provide new parts with less lead time so your turbines have less downtime!

We are strategically located in Abilene, Texas, with close proximity to some of the largest wind farms in Texas.  Our mission is to work hand in hand with our customers to deliver OEM parts, repairs and manufacturing solutions with quick turnaround times to reduce turbine downtime.

Why Lighthouse

  • Our team has 27 years of wind industry experience, our business is wind!
  • Reduce downtime with our warehouse inventory to provide on-demand spare parts.
  • Strong international partnerships to deliver superior quality OEM spare parts to our customers.
  • 50 plus years of component repair and manufacturing experience.
  • Staffed engineers and technicians to assist with manufacturing and repair needs.
  • Functional testing on all repairs to guarantee repair integrity.
    hydraulig lift for wind turbine engine repair

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    Delivering an extensive supply of OEM spare parts including yaw drives, filters, coolers, hydraulic cylinders, proportional valves, pumps and more.

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    Delivering economical manufacturing solutions with quick turnaround times and superior quality!

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    Repair & Overhaul

    First-class, dedicated service technicians to handle your mechanical component needs.                                                           

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    Engineering and Testing

    In-house engineering team saves time and money, providing a safer product.

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